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About Us

John Norman

Above and Below Adventure Company

& Outdoor Training College

John Norman has been working, training and assessing people in the outdoor recreation sector since 1976.

John's involvement (past and present) has/is with several committees including the Industry Advisory Committee to Service Skills Australia, Outdoor Council of Australia, Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW (ORIC), Standards Australia, Climbing Gyms Association and the NSW Sport & Recreation Industry Standing Committee advising on Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Education matters and assisting with the development of industry practices and sector projects.


John Norman


John has

- had involvement in Training Packages including development, consultation and modification since 1999.

- 20 years acting as an "expert witness" in numerous court case throughout Australia in different levels of the legal system, and WorkCover/ Worksafe enquiries and the Department of Defence internal enquiries

- Consultant to the NSW Police department on the content of course structure for the Mountain Biking division.

- 45 years of active participation in the outdoor recreation sector covering all the "skill sets" and activity groupings

- We have an intimate knowledge of the SIS10 Training Package and the complex packaging requirements and variations allowable.

- We have a broad industry network of providers, registered training organisations and practitioners.

John Norman's depth of knowledge and skills; our team's capacity in many activity areas of the outdoor recreation sector and business sectors, is a valuable asset both to our organisation and the greater outdoor recreation and business community.

About Us

Outdoor Training College is Australia's leading Outdoor Recreation Training Organisation, delivering quality education, training and assessment in Outdoor Recreation, Sport and Recreatio, Leadership and Management and First Aid throughout Australia.

The Outdoor Training College, through the development of blended flexible learning (since 2009), education, holistic training and assessment in outdoor recreation and sport and recreationand Leadership and Management is a leader in the field utilising highly qualified and experienced trainers and assessors in the areas of outdoor recreation and sport and recreation.

What we do

We are Australia's premier provider of Nationally Recognised Outdoor Recreation, Sport and Recreation courses ranging from Certificate II to Diploma level. All our courses are avaialble for immediate start - no waiting for intake dates.

Looking for a short course or a specific skill? We have avaialble a broad range of Nationally Recognised Industry skill set courses aimed at a particular activity or skill set and a large variety of professional development courses to suit all levels.

We use an online learning platform that is simple and easy to use, this provides a flexible learning environment that can easily fit around your busy schedule and our face-to-face training is structured to allow students to select dates that suit their needs.

At Outdoor Training College:

- we GUARANTEE that if you ENROL we will RUN YOUR SELECTED COURSE - even if you are the ONLY PARTICIPANT!

- we use highly skilled trainers and assessors for our face-to-face sessions

- we provide outstanding support to help you complete your course

- we deliver flexible, on-line learning and face-toface courses that easily fit around your busy schedule

Our History

The Above & Below Adventure Company, which has been operating commercially since 1981, firstly as an adventure Company conducting activities throughout Australia and South East Asia with the development of a tourism climbing area in Sarawak, Northern Borneo. The organisation's principal Assessor, John Norman, has been providing Outdoor Recreation services since 1976 including 5 years training and leading Outdoor Recreation programs for the NSW State Government.

The Director, has extensive experience within the Business Management environment, since 1986 with extensive knowledge of 'system analysis' and organisational procedures. This involved sourcing, test and the implementation of various computer software systems to suit individual client needs and requirements.

From 1994 until 2009, in addition to training and assessment for people within the outdoor recreation sector, the Director opened and operated an indoor climbing facility in Sydney NSW, also coordinating and running National and International climbing competitions in Australia, USA, and Asia. During this time there was considerable development of the first National Training Package, in which we were actively involved with the process and industry workshops. 1999 became the year that the development of the training Package was endorsed by thr regulatory body.

1999, Above & Below Adventure Company became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) endorsed to deliver Training and Assessment in the field of Outdoor Recreation and Sport & recreation throughout Australia and has been doing so since the inception of the Training Package.


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