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How much does it cost?

Course Fees - Outdoor Recreation - Short Courses:

We know it can be challenging to find the money to upskill and move things along, so we have priced our courses in a way that we think is affordable, yet reflects the value we know you will get from investing in a course with Outdoor Training College.

Note: We do not have payment plans or paymenet options - all fees payable on enrolment

Outdoor Recreation Short Courses


SISSS00002 Abseiling Natural - Guide Single Pitch


SISSS00007 Abseiling Natural - Instruct Single Pitch


SISSS00015 Bushwalking - Guide - Controlled


SISSS00017 Bushwalking - Guide - Intermediate


SHORT00008 Bushwalking - Instruct - Controlled Environments


SHORT00009 Bushwalking - Instruct - Intermediate Environments


SISSS00018 Canoeing - Guide - Flat Water


SISSS00021 Canoeing - Instruct - Flat Water


SISSS00039 Climbing Artificial - Guide Top Rope


SISSS00046 Climbing Artificial - Instruct Top Rope



Climbing Natural - Guide Top Rope

(sport climbing)



Climbing Natural - Instruct Top Rope

(sport climbing)



Climbing Natural - Guide Single Pitch Lead

(sport climbing)



Climbing Natural - Instruct Single Pitch Lead

(sport climbing)


SISSS00052 Cycling On-Road - Guide - Day Tours


SISSS00053 Cycling On-Road - Guide - Overnight


SISSS00054 Cycling On-Road - Instruct - Overnight


SISSS00064 Kayaking - Guide - Flat Water


SISSS00067 Kayaking - Instruct - Flat Water


SISSS00070 Mountain Biking - Guide - Controlled


SISSS00071 Mountain Biking - Guide - Intermediate


SISSS00072 Mountain Biking - Instruct - Intermediate



Activity or course not listed?

These are our popular standard short courses but we do have a wide range of specialist courses available. Please contact the office if you are after a specific course and we can advise pricing and structure for these specialised courses.

Course Fees:

Prices correct as at Monday, 2 January 2018. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Prices do not include GST. Note: GST is not payable on educational services. Prices may be subject to change without notice.

RPL -Recognition of Prior Learning / Credit Transfer:

RPL and or Credit Transfer is available and you must meet the criteria associated with this process. Regardless of the assessment pathway undertaken the pricing structure remains the same.

Commencement of subject or course:

A subject or course is deemed to have started if the "start of study date" has passed and the delivery of the course has commenced.

On-line delivery is said to have commenced if the course is open in the on-line environment for the individual student, this is automatic once appropriate fess have been paid


Important Note:

35% of the fee charged is an administrative fee, and is non-refundable unless the course is cancelled by us, in which case a full refund will be made. 50% of the fee charged is a material fee (including online student training guides) and the 15% balance of the fee represents the course fee and all fees must be paid prior to commencement of the course.

Payment Options:

All fees are payable upon enrolment by the following methods:

  • Credit Card - VISA MASTERCARD only - secure online payment gateway with instant access to course material

  • Bank Deposit - course material will be available once payment has processed (normally 5 working days)

  • Cheque - course material will be available once payment has processed (normally 5 working days)