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RPL Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How much evidence is needed?
  2. Question 2, Evaluation and recording of evidence?
  3. Question 3, How much RPL can I get?
  4. Question 4, Do training providers have to offer RPL services?
  5. Question 5, How long will the process take?
  6. Question 6, What does the training package mean by quality evidence?
  7. Question 7, What is a portfolio of evidence, and how do I collect evidence?
  8. Question 8, What do I do if I do not have enough evidence?
  9. Question 9, Would it be easier just to study?

Answer 1: How much evidence is needed?

Although there are cases of specific training packages/units of competency where required evidence is prescribed, generally there are no rules for quantity. Rather than focusing on the quantity of evidence, assessors need to ensure that assessment decisions are based on quality evidence that demonstrates the learner is competent against the criteria for the unit of competency.

Answer 2: Evaluation and recording of evidence?

If the assessment process has been valid, reliable, fair, and flexible and the evidence is sufficient then the professional decision on a candidate‟s competency should be a straightforward appraisal of the evidence.

Answer 3: How much RPL can I get?

If you have the evidence to show that you can demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed, the minimum RPL is one unit of competence and the maximum is a full qualification.

Answer 4: Do training providers have to offer RPL services?

Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) are required to demonstrate that RPL services have been offered to enrolling students and that the appropriate information and advice has been made available.

Answer 5: How long will the process take?

Your RPL assessor will try to complete the process as quickly as possible for you, but how soon they make a decision on your RPL application depends mainly on how well you have prepared your evidence and how well your evidence meets the requirements of the unit/s of competency. You RPL assessment time frame is approximately 60 days after your have lodged your application with all your suitable evidence. Note: You will have 3 months in which to submit ALL relevant RPL evidence to our assessors.

Answer 6: What does the training package mean by 'quality evidence'?

For evidence to have 'quality' it must cover the scope listed below. The collection of quality evidence requries that:

  - assessment must address the scope of this unit and reflect all components of the unit, that is, the Elements, the Performance Critera, Range Statement, Evidence Requirements and Key Competences
  - a range of appropriate assessment methods and evidence gathering techniques is used to determine competency
  - evidence must be gathered in the workplace wwherever possible. Where no workplace is available, a simulated workplace must be provided
  - the evidence collected must relate to a numer of performances assessed at different points in time and in a learning and assessment pathway, these must be seperated by further learning and practice
  - assessment meets the rules of evidence
  - a judgement of competency should only be made when the assessor is confident that the required outcomes of the unit/s have been achieved and that consistent performance has been demonstrated.

Answer 7: What is a portfolio of evidence, and how do I collect evidence?

A portfolio is a collection of evidence that you have obtained during your learning, your career experience and your personal and professional development. You evidence can be collected from a range of sources including the following:

  - samples of your work that demonstrate your competence
  - employment history which can include voluntary and work experience
  - a validation letter that confirms the authenticity of your information
  - skills demonstration
  - life experience
  - industry representive from your place of employent.

It is advised that you are methodical with your collection. Ensure that your cross-reference evidence clearly so that your RPL assessor can see how it relates to the performance criteria.

Remember, the clearer and better organised your portfolio of evidence is, the easier your RPL assessor will find it to work with.

Answer 8: What do I do if I do not have enough evidence?

If you do not have enough evidence to apply for RPL, you should consider undertaking further training to broaden your range of knowledge and skills in the specific competency area.

Answer 9: Would it be eaasier just to study?

Good Question! - in some cases...... yes, it would be. Some people think that RPL is the 'easy way out' of study, but actually, it can take a lot of time and effort to put together a successful RPL application