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HLTAID016 Manage First Aid Services and Resources

NSW Education - First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis - Approved Training Provider

Manage first aid services and resources

This course provides the skills and knowledge required to establish, maintain and facilitate the provison of appropriate first aid in the workplace. This course is aimed at workers that are in nominated occupational first aid or management roles.

**Please note this course does not include any Provide First Aid/CPR training, this course is aimed at those who manage first aid equipment**


About the training course

Course Content and Delivery

The course is delivered via our web-based on-line learning in conjunction with face-to-face training sessions in a classroom style environment.

On successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • conducted a workplace risk assessment
  • developed a first aid response plan including strategies for management of incidents
  • used a first aid checklist to service a workplace first aid kit for supplies' replacement and equipment maintenance
  • maintained first aid equipment and resources according to manufacturer's instructions
  • used and maintained documentation required by the workplace and regulatory authorities
  • knowledge of state/territory regulations, first aid codes of practice and workplace procedures including workplace requirements for first aid provision in line with the relevant state/territory Work Health and Safety requirements
  • duty of care in relation to first aid provision
  • safe work practices to deal with risks and potential hazards including manual handling, hazardous substances, dangerous goods and chemicals
  • infection control principles and procedures, including use of standard precautions based on incident requirements
  • legal, workplace or community issues relating to the provision of CPR including: awareness of potential need for stress-management techniques and available support following an emergency situation, consent capabilities of emergency management services, privacy and confidentiality requirements, importance of debriefing.


Course Participants

This course is designed for workers who may be required to provide, coordinate and manage first aid equipment, resources and facilities, including community and workplace settings, this course is ideal for:- schools and colleges - sporting and recreation facilities - office and commercial premises - manufacturing sites - rescue and life saving organisations - volunteer organisations.

Specific licensing requirements relating to this competency, including requirements for refresher training, should be obtained from the relevant state/territory Work Health and Safety Regulatory Authority.


Enrolment Requirements

This course has the following enrolment requirement:

  • Aged 16 or over (industry driven requirement).
  • Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and any associated costs to and from face-to-face training and assessment sessions.
  • Have access to a fully-functional computer/smart device loaded with a web-browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) and appropriate software applications to read PDF files (e.g. Adobe), produce documents (e.g. Microsoft Word etc)
  • Have access to a computer/smart device with reliable Internet access (ability to download and upload documentation from/to the College's online learning server)
  • Have a current valid email account for online learning and assessment communication and support;
  • Have a telephone and current valid telephone number for learning and assessment communication and support
  • Successfully complete all assessment tasks within the required timeframes.


NSW Schools

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