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The 5 steps for obtaining a Traineeship

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Decide on a Traineeship

Trainees need to think about what they wish to achieve and what traineeship is available to help achieve their goals

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Source an employer

There needs to be a workplace whereby the trainee is employed and can do on-the-job-training


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Sourcing a training organisation

A Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) needs to be selected to undertake the training component of the traineeship.


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Sign the paperwork

A training contract is required to be signed between the trainee (and parent / guardian if necessary) and the employer. This legal document will outline the roles and responsibilities of both or the duration of the traineeship.

Australian Apprenticeship Centres will assist with the process. A training plan, including the education, training and employment schedule, will also be agreed upon and signed by the SRTO and the trainee. This will outline the time allocated to traineeship training and employment

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Training contract lodgement and commencement

The training contract is lodged by the Australian Apprenticeship Centre to the Department of Education and Training once the supervising registered training organisation confirms its role and has negotiated the training plan.

The trainee will be able to commence their work and training once approved. A probation period will apply